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Sydney Hypnosis to quit smoking, lose weight, gain confidence and more

About John L Bullock

My name is John L Bullock and I am a clinical hypnotherapist in Sydney Australia.  I have been practicing hypnotherapy professionally in Sydney since 1994. I am a certified member of two of Australia’s most respected professional hypnosis organisations:

I grew-up in a family where hypnosis was the norm. My father, Les Bullock began practicing hypnosis professionally around 45 years ago and was one of Australia’s pioneers in the field. Les specialised in helping people to give up smoking and the Hypnotherapy system he developed is one of the most well known with successful quitters in Australia. Sadly, Les Passed away in 2010 at the age of 84. Luckily, Les has passed his knowledge on to his children. Growing up, my brothers, sister and I were in regular contact with hypnosis and those early lessons taught us the value of hypnotherapy. I began my own study of hypnosis and similar practices like meditation during my 20’s and beyond, later gaining a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

I enjoy continuing the tradition of helping people to quit smoking today and I also have a strong interest in helping people in many other areas of their lives.

If I can help you with any phobias, addictions, bad habits, self-confidence issues or with many others areas or if you’re not sure if hypnosis can help in your case, please feel free to ask. There’s nothing to lose in asking.

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